Jane Balle

Hi I’m Jane, the maker, knitter, and, designer behind mindfulmaking.

I am a Danish Australian living with my family in Sydney, Australia since 2012. Knitting is one of my great passions and I’m always knitting, literally always. Knitting has brought me such joy, given me long lasting friendships, enabled me to connect with knitters around the world, and has made me honour the memory of past generations of makers, including my grandmother, who lay the foundations for my passion.

Making, knitting in particular, is my mindfulness practice. It’s what makes me relax, re-charge and feel grounded, and I’m inviting you to experience that with me.

The mission of mindfulmaking is to share the comfort and enjoyment of working with yarn and needles and to offer timeless, and elegant modern classic knitting designs that you will wear over and over again.

Mindfulmaking designs are deeply rooted in the elegant simplicity of Danish knitting and design. Functionality, wearability, and understated elegance are the cornerstones in my designs enabling you to create beautiful timeless garments and accessories.

Essentially, I want you to enjoy your project – while you are knitting it, and when you are wearing it.

Thank you for joining me at Mindful Making.


Jane Balle
Mindful Making Shawl Pattern
Pattern Design

Enjoy the calmness of creating with hands and yarn.

Do you need something to calm your mind, keep your hands busy and at the same time make something wonderful for yourself and your loved ones?

Working with needles and yarn is an excellent way of taking a break from the busyness of our everyday life and just for a moment step into the calm bubble of creativity and makers delight.

I’ve created several knitting patterns that are perfect for other mindful makers. Please explore the shop to discover a pattern just right for you.

Knitting Patterns

Knitting patterns for garments including shawls and cardigans.

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