Welcome to 2023

As we are turning the corner from one year to the next many of us look back to reflect on the year passed and look expectantly ahead to the new year, with all its alluring potentials and we can ask ourselves the reflecting questions of not only on past and future achievements but more importantly reflect on questions like:

  1. What did I / will I learn?
  2. How did I / will I feel?
  3. Who was I / will I be?

Yes, these questions are deep, and you may choose to apply them to a less daunting level, your making for instance.

I dug deep, and you are invited to make your own reflections with my prompts and notes as possible sources of inspiration.

What did I / will I learn?

  • In 2022 I learned and experienced the power of community and sense of connection established through our common passion for fibre and for making. I am deeply grateful for friendships with crafters near and far that have developed and bloomed both online and in the real physical world. I have also learned that maintaining and growing relationships takes focused effort requiring energy, time, and attention. Putting in the effort to restore and grow important relationships will be a priority for me in 2023.
  • In terms of knitting, 2023 will be the year I will learn to knit brioche.

How did I / will I feel?

  • My theme for 2023 is ‘restore and grow’.
    Debilitating fatigue was again in 2022 a trustful companion to combat that unwelcoming feeling of utter exhaustion, I need to restore my health and sense of personal space and worthiness, and I will do it through the simple practices of sleep, hydration, and exercise.
  • After several years of striving, ticking off the goals of setting up this website for all the activities of mindfulmaking activities including the branching out into, in addition to knitting patterns, offering yarn in my website, were huge achievements for me.
    Instead of the sense of chasing after a future goal, I can now focus on growing what is. Compared to the energy of chasing the energy of growth feels much more grounding and comforting, and I look forward to revelling in it.

Who was I / will I be?

  • It has been years since I believed the turn of the year would magically create a new Jane. I will remain me, a mother, wife, intellectual, crafty entrepreneur building my being around my passions for family, love and making and hopefully continue to inspire you to create handmade moments of slow where we can take a break from the hectic demands and distractions of a fast-paced world focusing our attention on the rhythmic movements of needles and the sense of yarn moving through our hands while creating beautiful garments we wear with pride.

Those were the words as written on 2 January 2023, a warm and sunny summer day here in Sydney.

I wish you all a happy New Year, welcome to 2023 and I hope the prompts inspires you to note down reflections on you and your making

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