Holst Garn Titicaca 004 Slate Grey


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Titicaca is a thin 2-ply pure alpaca yarn.

Knit with 1 strand of yarn for a fine and airy shawl or with 2 strands for a light garment or combine Titicaca with Supersoft or Coast for extra softness and fluff and additional interesting colours or marled effects.

Each ball of 50 gram contains 400m/437 yards of yarn.


Holst Garn Titicaca 004 Slate Grey

Holst Garn Titicaca is a thin 2-ply 100% alpaca yarn.

Titicaca can be knit alone in 1 or with 2 strands held together for fine soft shawls or light clothing. It is also perfect knitted together with Supersoft and Coast.

The alpaca will add softness and a light fluffiness to your project.

  • Titicaca is available in 50 g balls.
  • Approximately 400 meters/437 yards per 50 gram
  • Knit with one thread at needles 2.5-3 mm/US 2-3 (Approx. 25 stitches = 10 cm/4 inches).
  • Knit with two threads at needles 3.5-4 mm/US 4-6 (Approx. 23 stitches = 10 cm/4 inches).
  • When you use Holst Garn Titicaca 100% alpaca with another yarn, 1 thread will add approx. ½ a size to your knitting needles. If you usually knit for instance Coast at needles 3 mm/US 3 – Coast and Titicaca knit together will fit a size 3½ mm/US 4.


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